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FCL Lukavac Alternative fuels dosing to the main burner

During the August 2019 we succesfully finish the trial operation run of the line for the dosing alternative fuels to the main burner. For the more information about our activities check our LinkedIn profile Aliacem Prerov - LinkedIn

09.09.2019 More
Progress of the erection in the cement plant FCL Lukavac

In the cement plant FCL Lukavac we are in progress with the erection of the equipment for the dosing of the RDF to the kiln hood.

18.06.2019 More

Calciner upgrade in cement plant Retznei successfully completed

06.05.2019 More
The new TAD inlet to the calciner

In cement plant Hranice we finished the erection of the new TAD inlet

12.02.2019 More
Turn key project in cement plant FCL Lukavac

We are pleased to announce the new project in cement plant in Lukavac.

02.01.2019 More



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