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The new TAD inlet to the calciner

In cement plant Hranice we finished the erection of the new TAD inlet

12.02.2019 More
Turn key project in cement plant FCL Lukavac

We are pleased to announce the new project in cement plant in Lukavac.

02.01.2019 More
Finalization of the mechanical erection of the steel structure and equipment in Cement plant Retznei

In this week we finished with the erection of the steel structure in Cement plant Retznei

19.12.2018 More
RDF dosing modification

RDF dosing modification in Fabrika Cementa Lukavac

27.04.2018 More
RDF sampling

Sampling of the RDF

27.04.2018 More


Calciner upgrade and the dossing of the RDF

Calciner upgrade and the dossing of the RDF

The regular winter kiln stop in the cement plant Cement Hranice

In the regular winter kiln stop in cement plant Hranice we supplied the materials for the calciner upgrade including the supervising of the ercetion works. This reconstruction improves the dossing of the material and reduce the droping of the material. We also supplied the new refractories includint the instalation. At the same time, we completed the installation of the nozzle for the dosing of the RDF at the main burner. We replaced the nozzle from the center of the main burner next to it to ensure the temperature stabilization and reduce the cooling down of the flame temperature. According to the operationg requirement the nozzle can be easily adjustable to provide the the dosiing of the RDF into the flame.

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