Ší?ava 27, P?erov 750 02
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 607 137 074

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We are in trial run with the cement cooler CHC 3300.

14.05.2020 More

We are under commisioning of the cement cooler with the capacity of 100 tons per hour with the guaranteed parameters of inlet temperature of 105°C to outlet temperature of 55°C

21.04.2020 More

During the winter kiln stop in Cemmac a.s. Horné Srnie we upgrade the ID fan and we executed the neccessary works for the bypass and kiln dust transport that we do not need any other kiln stop during the erection phase.

21.04.2020 More

Extension of the bucket chain conveyor, replace of the drive station of the conveyor, installation of the separator

21.04.2020 More

Non specific cement silo with the total capacity of 100 tons.

21.04.2020 More


Our Main Activities

  1. Investigations & Studies
    • Plant conceptual Studies
    • Pre-investment Studies
  2. Design & Engineering
    • Process Engineering
    • Plant Design - mechanical, civil, electrical
    • Tender Documents
    • Evaluation of Tenders
    • Assistance in Negotiations
  3. Project Implementation
    • Financial Engineering
    • Project Monitoring
    • Procurement Services
    • SW development and electrical deliveries
    • Delivery of special units - lubrication, water treatment, drives, analyzers, machines for cement industry (dynamic separators, kilns, mills, preheaters, screw conveyors, material transport)
    • Upgrades & Optimization
  4. Operational Assistance
    • Start up services
    • Supervision of erection
    • SW development
    • Commissioning services
    • Training of Personnel
  5. Inspection - Testing - Shipping procedure - Logistic
  6. Spare Parts Procurement


The term « PRODUCTS » means the following services and equipment designed, supplied, assembled and commissioned by ALIACEM s.r.o., namely:

  • Detail design works for process departments, electrical and civil part
  • Workshop drawing for equipment, ducts, chutes, bins and steel structures
  • SW and operating manuals
  • Delivery&Erection&Commissioning of process equipment, mainly:
    • Crushers and auxiliaries
    • Conveying&Feeding&Transport equipment (scrapers, reclaimers, belt conveyors, bucket elvators, screw conveyors, tube conveyors etc.)
    • Dynamic separators of 3rd generation for raw mills or cement mills
    • Special equipment as lubrication units, compressor stations, water treatment plant units, burner systems and valve trains (for natural gas or oil), oil handling systems, hot gas dampers and flaps, compensators and others
    • Preheaters, rotary kilns, clinker coolers, kiln hoods, tertiary air ducts complete new or as upgrade of existing installations
    • Cleaning-Cooling-Ventilation Systems (CCVS) of switchrooms
    • Cement water coolers
    • Sampling stations
    • DC/AC Drives&Frequency convertors&Gear boxes
  • Delivery&Erection&Commissioning of electrical equipment, mainly:
    • High Voltage equipment (HV) 6kV
    • MCC switchboards
    • PLC and I/O switchboards
    • Automation including SW
    • Sub-control units
    • Optical cables and nets
    • Cables, cable traces, erection material, double floors etc.
    • Kiln inlet and ESP analyzers (with FLK probe)
    • ITV camers for kiln hoods and clinker coolers (air cooled)
  • Training programmes&After-commissioning services
  • Delivery of spare parts (mechanical&elctrical&for frequency convertors&drives)

Market / Competitors / Products Analysis

  • We help you to learn new markets and related informations and make the right decision before do your international investments